“People, even more than things, need to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Never throw out anyone.” – Audrey Hepburn

Lesson of the Week

Sorry this one is coming a little late, but it’s spring break and I’ve been fulfilling my New Year’s resolution to go on small unusual adventures. I bonded with six strangers in a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde themed escape room, and got cannoli under the twinkle lights of little Italy, so I’d say I’m where I want to be. And I think this is a good time to think about that in a whole bunch of ways, because we’re almost through the first quarter of the year! Every week, the New York Times asks its online readers to re-evaluate their New Year’s resolutions, but sometimes people don’t make resolutions. And besides, what’s the use of most of the general population re-evaluating their desire to “go to the gym more”? Just saying. But maybe taking a minute to write down, or even think about some of the goals you have for yourself, the real ones that mean something to you, even if they’re silly, or ambitious, or scary – maybe taking a minute to consider those goals will show you something you don’t always see. It may show you that you’re living your dreams in which case just keep livin’ as Matthew McConaughey says, but if there’s something you wish you could change (and these things often seem so small and yet so impossible), go for it. There is a time management practice known as the Pomodoro technique, which involves setting a timer for 25 minutes of work with a 5-minute break, just to get started on a project. I think you could apply the Pomodoro technique to anything, biting your nails, working out, reading a book, and then you’ve cracked the door open, and that’s special. Even if the door never bursts open, the light is still peeking through, and that is special.

Positive News of the Week

  • Diego, a 100-year-old giant tortoise in the Galapagos Islands, has fathered at least 350 tortoises in his lifetime, unknowingly helping to save his species from extinction!
  • An international team recently concluded that space dust can be found on buildings, in parking lots, and pretty much anywhere that you could find regular old dust.
  • The U.S. economy has added 235,000 jobs in February, continuing the longest streak of private sector job growth in U.S. history.
  • Chance the Rapper recently contributed $1 million to Chicago’s public school system, and the cast of “Hamilton” donated their salaries from an evening’s performance to support low-income women.
  • Swiss lawmakers voted against a proposal to ban the rights of women to wear the niqab and the burqa in public places.

Challenges of the Week

  • Internal Challenge ∅ This week, try to clean something you’ve been putting off, be it your bedroom, your phone’s memory, or a stain you keep ignoring.
  • External Challenge ∅ This week, try to give several people hugs this week. Truly good hugs can be a magical thing.

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