“Create your own style. Let it be unique for yourself and let identifiable to others.” – Anna Wintour

Lesson of the Week

Never forget the power of being just a little bit different. You can be a lot different too, but it’s often difficult to break away from the crowd. I think the biggest reason is because the crowd isn’t always so obvious. As an example, say you and your good friends all frequent the same few restaurants because you all enjoy them and they’re well known to you. They could be unique places compared to a larger status quo, but over time you can get trapped in your own normal. Now, obviously it’s not all bad, there’s something to be said for anything that’s consistently enjoyable, but on a larger scale I think that sometimes this is why people feel stuck. And the big changes aren’t the ones that make the difference, more often than not you go too far into something you don’t truly enjoy or way too far back to where you started. But every day there is the possibility for thousands of choices, and reaching out just a few of those choices can open your world up. Plus, you become the go-to person for cool new ideas, which isn’t a bad perk. There is so much in this world, and it’s easy to fall into a system and forget all that is out there, or even all that is within a few feet, so why not take a detour and experience the world sometimes.

Positive News of the Week

  • Hong Kong is transitioning to their first female chief executive. Carrie Lam was chosen Sunday by a political committee, aiming to win the hearts and minds of her people.
  • Bao Bao, the 3-year-old panda born in America, has been warmly received in China and is already starting to adjust from jetlag and learning Mandarin commands!
  • A thick snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California promises to help alleviate some of the area’s long-standing drought.
  • A vaccine against rotavirus did extremely will in large scale test in Niger, and could help save millions of children in third world countries.
  • Germany’s government passed a bill that would compensate thousands of gay men who had been prosecuted for being gay, due to a law that was repealed in 1969.

Challenges of the Week

  • Internal Challenge ∅ This week, try to make time for some form of solitary relaxation, whether its meditation, yoga, or even a massage.
  • External Challenge ∅ This week, try to make a playlist of some of your favorite songs outside of your usual music and share it with a few friends. You can ask for some of their favorites too!